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East Coast Road Trip to Brown

Thursday March 9th- After two frantic days of packing, Cam and I left after my middle school classes to begin our trip.  We detoured to the Mac store where my computer was being repaired, again.  Finally on the road, we arrived at 11:30 at our grad school friend, Brian Priest's apartment.  He was living in a very cool artist building.  He said that soon it would be converted and that many artists were not living in the space any longer.
Two of his long time artist friends came over, we got to hear about their lives as artists.  One was a photographer and his wife was making it big as a surrealist artist.  The other friend was a prolific painter, his day job was working at a printing business.  He brought us to his studio where we were able to view many of his works.  He was working with ways to use mass printing techniques in combination with hand painted elements.  He was painting highly detailed images of animals made from fractured triangular shapes, they reminded me of MC Esch…

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