All Along Press, Chicago, this weekend

The past couple of weeks have been dedicated to making invites for the parade. I had a great weekend two weeks ago at All Along Press. Steven and Alecia taught me how to make a screen for my invites. Their shop is on Cherokee, if you haven't been there yet, I highly suggest it as they are congenial and cost effective. Initially I thought I would be a able to design one in about ten minutes. As it turns out the designs are a bit more time consuming, but I am happy with how they are turning out.

Last weekend I went to Chicago as it was my college classes' spring break. I spent time with Christy and Rory. Congrats to Rory who is going to have her first baby! She was a great hostess, we went thrifting and ate at a fabulous Indian restaurant. The next night Cam and I hung out with Christy she took us to a video screening at Roots and Culture. They were made by female video artists. A mixed bag, the nite favorite was a sort of collaged letter to Bill Gates that used a lot of footage from Prelinger archive. Sounds like Christy if going to try and come in town.

The next day Cam and I went to the MCA. There was an exhibit of Bucky Fuller, Calder, and William Kentridge. I was happy with all of them as I'd presented Fuller and Calder to my Design classes. Above is Fuller's Old Man River Plan for East St. louis. A dome he planned on placing over the city and the tier he hoped would change the infrastructure.
William Kentridge is an eternal hero and whenever I see his work I spend hours in front of Movie watching it over and over.

This weekend I have been taking it easy trying to catch up on things. Lindsey and I had talked about going door to door today but as there was snow this morning we decided to postpone. A few days back Eric and I met and we wrote a press release for St. Louis Mag. It sounds like the event will be in their calendar. Also had an inspiring meeting with Emily H sounds like she is excited to coordinate a Chautauqua Event.

This weekend I spent a lot of time in the studio, did some yoga, and filled out my taxes. I've been trying to nurture myself I guess because there is a lot about to happen.


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