return from the deluge

Ahhh this is the sound of my relief after three weeks no more like 3 months of sheer busyness. The past weekend completed opening at Laumeier with Cam. This show and the mass amount of work Cam and I were trying to complete is the reason I have not blogged in, I think, over three weeks. This is one of my biggest frustrations with myself when I have a show; I seem to miss and skip all these little, but nonetheless important, things in my life. Here is my recap of the past three weeks.

Completion: My college classes, my middle school classes. Graduated a rad group of 8th graders that I will miss dearly.
Built: a fake furniture home that I installed in my mother's basement, an ant circus, one tile mosaic for Marian middle.
Painted: the ornate roof of a circus wagon, a series of bushes.
Organized: studio (still in process) and Marian.
Cut out: 200+ leaves for cam.

Damage experienced for show;
1 freakout from three days of crashed computer holding 14+ hours of animation that then miraculously started working again on the third day at the computer store.
2 arguments with Cam due to both of us being stressed and not taking care of our self.
1 twisted ankle caused by my own ridiculous plunge into the pool as I was trying to be a bad ass swimmer at Masters. This is one I am still enduring.
1 embarrassing unladylike outburst at artist post party when I began dissing an artist after one two many glasses of wine.

Upside of these events:
Visit from my cousin, aunt, and new baby second cousin at opening.
Surprise visit from hero teacher that lives out of town.
Incredibly generous micro grant from Jamie and Brett to support my future endeavors---> Cam's next project...
Lovely review in rft by Jessica Barran about show at Gondo.
I returned to swimming, yoga, and zumba and was not completely out of shape.

The Laumeier opening was lovely. Green grass, full lawn, patio furniture, jelly belly's, music down the hill, patio, wine, light in trees, people talking about everything and nothing, circus wagon aglow. I just really liked being at that place that night. It reminded me of hanging out in parks with my friends i madrid when i was 17. Or sitting on the benches in a south american plaza and watching people wander by. The sad thing for me at the opening was not being able to touch base and connect with all the different people I saw there.

Today Cam and I began to breathe again, a little deeper, we cooked a big breakfast together and then went off to run errands. Then I just cleaned in the studio for a long time. I did not even finish, but what I began, felt great. Then Emily H was throwing a barbecue on the roof and at the back of the studio so i went there for a spell and had a great time connecting with Amy VonDonsel and Dave her bf. Also talked with Kevin McCoy and Jackie. Rebecca R. Jerome. Amy Broadway, Keith, Simiya and others.

I started feeling excited for my friends projects.
Jerome is taking an old man and his daughter on a "before i die i wanna journey" to NY.
Amy VonD is talking about a support fundraiser for Jeremy at City Art.
Dave a faux tennis league.
Kevin M is an inspiration with his rehabbed space.
Also got to talk with Tom Reed's daughter Charlotte who I think is very special and she pointed out somethings she liked in my art. I value a kids opinion.

Saying some thinking some about; how to support city art supply post robbery? is it volunteer watch with staff? fundraiser for j?
Also curious about Camp and how the open house went? I am wanting to become involved with this stuff but also trying to get a little of reflection time before i throw myself in a next project.


Eonratslear said…
Re: city art robbery. This is something that has really bothered me lately. It's an outrage. I'd like to be a part of the fundraiser for J. This was so shitty what happenend. Email me at
I'm also going to be at Fort Gondo for the All Along press show Friday June 12th.
Colin said…
i just support them by buying stuff there- threw down some dough last week, plus I gave 'em a plug on my blog, Facebook, MySpam... for whatever it's worth

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