Labor Day: Another reason not to work.

This week started and stopped with me seeing Brandon Anschultz. Last Sunday post blog he invited me to a Prince party at Open Lot thrown by his friend April. Part of my european summer theme was to accept invitations to random parties. Dressed in my Prince Halloween costume from last year, I had fun eating purple punch and prince cookies. Since I had to teach the next morning I sadly did not get to stay long for the dance party.

Today Cam and I took down our show at Laumeier, Brandon was there again, this time he was helping de-install another person's room. Here's a pic of him. Brandon is a hard working artist, in addition to his personal practice he works with installation at Laumeier, CAMSTL, and runs the Des Lee Gallery. He seems to do all this with a positive attitude.

Here's a shot of the interior of the Laumeier building. I was fascinated by how the sky was purple and the room appeared turquoise. I've got to say I had fun working on the de-install what a sense of productivity to unscrew an entire room of cardboard with a drill.

Wanted to respond a bit to last weeks posting about dealing/ feeling comfortable with my bf's success. As it is, there are only a handful of these rewards, whenever one person wins there are a lot of people who lose, besides me. I've got to think that losing brings up the same sort of response in other people.
Cindy Tower reminded me that to some extent this art world is still male dominated. I'm not trying to pull the whole male/female card, but I recently read a posting about the amount of female artists represented by major New York Galleries in comparison to male and there was a huge difference. 30+ of the top names had 99-60% men. In 2006 of 297 one person shows, 23% were by women. I really appreciate that Cam is open to hearing me talk about this stuff, I feel more comfortable overall with the insecurity I experienced and because of that it has greatly diminished.

Thursday had an incredible class with my 8th grade. Only seeing them once a week, I struggle to get them really involved in a project when we get such short spurts of time. We were on day 2 of a painting project and they all became independently involved in their individual projects. Beautiful to see them working on things that they did not even seem to think they could initially accomplish. I love to see them think big.

Experienced a sort of satisfied closure with the parade, after I talked about it during CAT interview. I did not anticipate that I would feel ready to move onto my next body of work just from an interview. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get in.

One of my favorite flowers is in bloom right now, the mexican tuberose. They were at the Soulard Market on Sat. I love these plants because just one can haunt a room with a gorgeous light smell.

I've been feeling optimistic this week I had a great deal of studio time. Friday and Saturday I had big chunks of time there.
Hope all are having a restful Labor Day and will not do to much work. I myself am looking forward to not waking up at 6 am tomorrow.


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