What I wish I could have built as a Kid.

One of the best shows I've seen in the season thus far was made by B.J. Vogt at Boots Contemporary Art Space. B.J. is this years artist for the pedestrian project. The pedestrian project has the intention of creating artworks in the window of Boots that are viewable from the street and general public walking by on Cherokee Street. Approaching the window of Boots, I first viewed a giant volcano that reminded me of ones that I built as a child. However this volcano is made from packing peanuts and had apparently erupted packing peanuts as evident by the deep cross section of peanuts viewable from the floor length window. But don't just view this show from the window. Entering into the gallery, the attendants immediately began to shovel packing peanuts behind the volcano causing a live eruption.
I had heard about the rain piece at the back of the gallery and was actually quite stunned by it. Rain appears to fall from foam stalactites and descends into layers of tar paper. This piece is auditory. The sound of the rain pellets hitting the tar paper is very peaceful. Also the execution of the piece overall is quite remarkable. He's not trying to hide anything. The pipe contraption that activates the rain is visible in the back of the room, while the raining stalactites are in the center of the room. I was left wondering with enchantment; how does it work?

Finally there was something quite elegant to me about how B.J. arranged the tar paper so that it became like a natural form, an homage to a Tara Donovan piece? Its like looking at sculptures you had the imagination to build s a child but could never figure out how to make. These moving wonders are not to be missed.

The People's Joy Parade has begun fund-raising! If you haven't checked it out yet please check out our kickstarter profile and pledge us. We are trying to make this parade sustainable in the future and wish to use our fund-raised money to support workshops, buy supplies and water, and pay for teachers/coordinators of the parade. This has been a new endeavor for me to begin asking for support for the parade but we need to do this to see if we can apply for grants in the future and also to ensure that the parade can keep occurring!

Another positive announcement I have is that I only had one polyp at my colonoscopy and that polyp does not have cancer! Yay! It was a big relief to find that out.


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