Thanks for All the Work this Year!

This recent writing is part 1 about All the work I am thankful for.

Live as an Artist Project continued.....
What Have Others Done to Live as an Artist

Had a gallery that supported them.
Lived with Roommates.
Lived Cheaply.
Made Art in Spurts.
Food stamps Cafe.
Lived on Credit Cards.
Figured out a way to sell a lot of work cheap (mass production).
Waited while career grew.
Was Discovered.
Sold Art.
Work Trade.
Sold another commodity.
Worked lots of jobs.
Temporary Work.
Had a sugar daddy or momma.
G.I. Bill
Changed what kind of work they made.
Lied about credentials.
Teacher Full time.
Art Worked on the Job.
Had another money making job.
Supported by someone or thing else.
Made their work a part of their job.
Lived on a Commune

Possible Alternate Profession List (that I can think of friends who have worked them):
Urban Planner
School Administrator
Studio Assistant
Print Shop
Yoga Teacher
Calendar Maker
Designed Greeting Cards
Bookmaking Co.
Interior Design
Wedding Photographer
T-Shirt Co.
Worked in Gallery
After School Teacher
Web Design
Web Programmer
Graphic Designer
Set Designer
Odd Jobs
Cabinet Maker
Advertising Exec.
Worked for a mainstream crafty megopolis like Mary Englebreit or Martha Stewart.

Have been fortunate enough this year to have held down many interesting part time jobs.

One regular gig that I have had for the past four years, has been the art teacher at Marian Middle School. I received this positions through SCOSAG my official title is "Visiting Artist" but I am essentially the schools regular art teacher. I've posted earlier about the many reasons that I love this job, in addition to the incredible students, it has been regular work for me these past several years. I don't have to worry about any of the adjunct drama of -"will i get a class and what kind?"

This initial position led to work during the summer as an art teacher and even during the year as an after-school art club teacher. This winter the art club worked on Set Design with Cam and I. It was a fast and intense project as we tried to prepare the set in a few weeks. The set was for the Grinch. Here are some of the results.


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