SGCI Cherokee Street Event List

For the past seven months I've been coordinating events for the SGCI conference that are happening this Friday night on Cherokee Street! In much of the same spirit of the parade, I've been moved by the willingness of so many people to become involved. Beyond the 1000+ conference goers that we are anticipating, what I hope even more, is that St. Louis art supporters will come and check out the street this Friday night. If you ever complained about things being spread apart too far or yearned for a more pedestrian St. Louis, this night we will light 14 blocks with lanterns, public art, shows, and performances. The event starts at 5pm and ends as late as 2am if you attend one of the many dance parties. I am going to give a little bit of information about the projects.

Aisle 1 Gallery,
Show Me Your Tax Bracket

a mixed media, invitational group exhibit co-curated by Bryan Walsh and Danielle Spradley, will be held at 2627 Cherokee St. (@ Texas). Opening Reception: Friday, March 18, 2011, 7-11 p.m.
Participating artists: Amy VanDonsel, Ben Pierce, Blütt, Bryan Walsh, Cbabi Bayoc, Chris Sabatino, Christopher Burch, Daniel Burnett, Daniel Gaeng, Daniel Jefferson, Danielle Spradley, David Langley, Garrison & Alison Buxton, Gina Alvarez, Jason Spencer, Jen Everett, Jenn Carter, Jeremy Rabus, Joey Potts, Joy Tiyasirichokchai, Julie Malone, Justin Tolentino, Kristen Bartel, Laura Lloyd, Matthew Eckhard, Melvin Jefferson, Michael Hoffman, Myles Keough, Peat Wollaeger, Phil Jarvis, Robert Tapley Bustamante, Ruben Aguirre, Jr., Ryan Frank, Sarah Giannobile, Seitu Smith, Sleepy Kitty, William Burton, Jr., Zack Smithey"

All Along Press, Deceased was the Widow of Henry Mosby; An Obselete Technology Guide for the Citizens of St. Louis (with ILLSSA); Tugboat Print Shop; Uncover.

Travis Russell has been secretly working with Steven Brien on a display to be uncovered Friday night.

Archive, Spring Freaquinox- this benefit for Artica,( my favorite Art and River celebration held annually), will feature a secret parade with a giant Ox pinata, an art auction, food from the Cherokee Peach, and traveling circus-like performances.

Art Dimensions Gallery, Fresh- this group show has been coordinated by Ash Forrest. She has also been helping with Lights Along the Cherokee. This show features the work of several print makers from St. Louis and beyond.

Awful Nice, All the Colors of the Dark

4066 Juniata Street STL organized by Coby Ellison.
A reception coincides with events on Cherokee Friday night. The show will feature prints inspired by heavy metal, psychedelic and fantastic aesthetic.
Artists include Arik Roper, Mark Riddick, Justin Bartlett, Coby Ellison, David V. D'Andrea and French.

CAMP 47 Prime Stephen Houldsworth's Take Away Birthday Party. 3026 Cherokee. Art Show and birthday party with performances by drag artists, pole dancers, and bands. To benefit Effort for Aids.

Cherokee Photobooth will be open from 6 to 10pm. Paintings by Ryan Frank, David Langley, Seitu Smith, and Phil Jarvis, photographs by Juan Montana, and a trovadour: Drew Sheafor. Check us out at

House Coat at Cosign Projects. 2733 Arsenal

Leeza Meksin( New York City) is here to dress Cosign projects in blingy spandex fabric. Following a successful kickstarter campaign, Leeza has come to with a documentary crew to record the installation of this art work. The opening of House Coat will include music, drink, and dancing. Free drink if you wear your favorite spandex oufit or superhero costume.

Cranky Yellow, No One Goes Hungry, 2847 Cherokee. This show features the work of Jason Potter a collage artist also working with prints to create punk and pop rock posters.

Don Carlos Restaurant, Cherokee Printmakers’ Special- Kim Wardenburg and Eric Woods have been cooking up this project for several months. Kim has been interviewing and collecting inspiration that she translated into visuals that will be literally printed onto tortillas by Eric Woods and sold as tacos. They will be collaborating with Carniceria Latin Americana create the tacos. The first 250 receive a free zine with their taco purchase. 2800 Cherokee Street.

El Lenador, Blessed Unions Wedding Performance Reception, 3124 Cherokee. This promises to be an incredible Wedding after-party held at El Lenador. Galen Gondolfi has organized several musical performances including Daydream Lullaby and there is talk of a late night dance party.

The Firecracker Press, Manual Feed; St. Louis Typefoundries. Check the Link above for Cherokee Printmakers Special. Eric Woods and his crew at Firecracker have a full schedule of events. Including musical performances involving a press and a traveling print truck that will randomly appear to practice the art or printmaking.

FLOWERS TO THE PEOPLE will also be hosting an art show by Caleb Hauck + Guests.

Check out your new local floral shop at 2713 Cherokee Street.

Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, Blessed Unions Exhibition; Blessed Unions Wedding Performance Ceremony Printmakers getting married to each other and the printmaking lifestyle! Additionally a group show of printmaking couple and collaborators. 3151 Cherokee.

Gallery AM-Art Monster,

Stencil World: Stencil Art from around the Globe
Peat Wollaeger has been traveling the world stenciling and participating in collaborative art shows. Now he brings together some of the many artists he has meet along the way to celebrate the artistry of Stenciling. Hosted by Art Monster, this show will also feature a surprise public art work to dress up a Cherokee building.

Good Citizen Gallery, Equilibrium: Writ Large; Saturday The Birds Fell From The Sky

My boyfriend Cameron Fuller and his best friend Travis Russell have collaborated together on this playful installation that I like to fondly think of as a boyhood imagination of a post apolcalyptic culture that embraces car culture, secret caves, and spin art. While this gallery is a bit of the Cherokee Map, the show is well worth seeing. 2247 Gravois.

Prototyping Revival Display @ the former Grace Hill building by Jason Deem. Keep yours eyes out for this building thats been brought to life through a light show the night of SGCI!

Artist Kristen Bartel brings us Hotoff-Press... is a rehabbed 1963 Schwinn equipped with pop-up tables and simple silkscreen, for the purpose of printing free, distributable media to the community. As part of this project, friendly information such as the history of Cherokee Street and local happenings—or even just cool graphics—will be printed live and distributed during the evening events at Cherokee Street.

Passing Notes, Jackson Piano 6pm-9pm, 3138 Cherokee Street.

May Babcock, Sarah Hayman, Megan Singleton

A collaborative installation of sculptural prints utilizing geographically significant handmade papers. The exhibition explores observations of Louisiana's flora and landscape through prints on organically shaped sheets made of native fibers. An environment of prints invites viewers to travel through the exhibition, drawn in by the sounds of a pianists reactionsto the work.

Johhny's Mini-Theater, Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra and Mr. Vegas.

Preview of their new scores for Three Buster Keaton Short. $5door/$10+beer. No Minors.

Myles Keough at Cherokee’s newest café Labeebee’s. Municipalities Occur is a series of paintings showing metropolitan areas seemingly appearing out of mist created by the artist’s unique use of spray enamel. Good food, drinks, and music by Alexis Tucci (7-9pm) and of course art.

Lights Along the Cherokee. Artist Bob Hartzell. Up and Down Cherokee Street. I've been working with this project for the past couple of months. I have been amazed with the patience and hard work of Bob Hartzell. This collaborative project highlights local inspirations through the creation of a series of illuminated towers installed along Cherokee Street. It will guide people along a path between participating venues during the Friday Evening Events. The 6-foot-tall paper lanterns have been constructed and designed by different groups of local artists, community organizers, and citizens, yet all of the towers will be based upon a universal structure and underlying design developed by the core team of artists and lead artist Bob Hartzell.

Lanterns have been designed by: All Along Press, Amber, Artmart, Lohr Barkley, Beth and Judy, Sophia Dalpiaz Brown, Dail Chambers, Rusty Conklin, Craig Downs, Elisa Forgelman, Ash Forrest, Firecracker Press, Fred, GYA Arts, ISCREAM, Greg Jones, Kyle Jones, Bridget Kraft, Paper Boat Studios, Peridot, Erika Popp, Kelly Porter Griffin, Sarah Paulsen, Rachel Plank, Queen Bee, Eric Ryszkiewicz, Chris Sabatino, Jenny Shriner, Sleepy Kitty, STyLehouse, Peat Wollaeger, Yeyo Arts. and many others....

Do The Right Thing. Los Caminos

A show featuring work by Kevin McCoy, Peter Seay, and Friends. Live music and (DJ) pumping out our windows for the later half. 2649 Cherokee

Mani Pedi Gallery 3104 Cherokee, Unicorns! A Print Portfolio

Next to Mani Pedi Gallery- Black Sheep a portfolio of prints curated by Melissa Harshmann

Next to Mani Pedi Gallery- Bob Hartzell Prints

Novedades Johana, 2740 Cherokee, Out To Dry a collection prints from Nashville, TN.
Prints from Bryce McCloud, Brad Vetter, Adrienne Miller, Lindsay Warren, Laura Baisden, Bethany Taylor, Jean Kang, and Chris Cheney.

Paper Boat Studios, The Paper Boats Also a participant in St. Louis Fair Trade.

PHD Gallery, Fine Print: Monoprints “Fine Print” showcases the work of Joe Chesla & Amy Firestone Rosen. Rosen creates monoprints using waterless lithography and serigraphy. By contrast Chesla creates process directed, mineral prints incorporating nontraditional techniques to impregnate fine printmaking paper with a recording of the corrosive process of metal.

at Pig Slop 5-8pm. Followed by Concert/Dance Party with MSIF, Stacian, Barely Free Partial Prisoners + more tba. 8-1am. 2700 Cherokee

Porter Teleo, From Printing Plates to the Showroom, 3325 Cherokee St. Porter Teleo is opening its studio for an evening to show its collection of hand-printed and hand-painted wallcoverings and textiles, developed by artist/printmaker Kelly Porter and interior designer Bridgett Cochran. The patterns are created by employing a variety of fine art processes, such as wood blocking, painting, and chine-collé. The products present a bold, distinctive color palate with a refined aesthetic. The unique styling is drawn from ancient Japanese screens, antique architectural ornamentation, and the hand of Porter. Only the finest materials are used in the process, from the richest pigments to handmade Japanese papers.

PrintTruck (sponsored by The Firecracker Press), portable tabletop press with demos and pop ups.

Snowflake, w/ w/o rds includes printed works on paper, from traditional letterpress to digital output, that focus on our temporal use of language in combination with the printed image. Featured work on display by Abra Ancliffe (Portland), Tate Foley (St. Louis), Jimmy Luu (Urbana-Champaign, Ill.), Sonnenzimmer (Chicago), and Emily Sullivan (Akron, Ohio).

STL Improve Anywhere

St. Louis Fair Trade,

A scavenger hunt of sorts that will traverse Cherokee Street with stops at Paper Boat Studios, All Along Press, and the Lot Alongside Firecracker.

Totems Cameron Fuller

Large Scale wood cuts Travis Russell Next to Firecracker Press

Passport books Amy Thompson Paper Boat Studio 2308 ½ Cherokee

Bricks Angela Malchionno All Along Press 2712 Cherokee

SPORE Mobile Gallery, St. Louis Mythtory Kiosks SPORE’s mastermind Emily Hemeyer and historic preservation guru Michael Allen (Ecology of Absence) have joined together to create a series of semi-temporary kiosks highlighting bizarre sights and fantastic stories that make St Louis’ history nearly mythological. Kiosks will provide glimpses and directions to curiosities such as the sunken ship, hidden street car entrances, the Pruit Igo wildlife area, buried caves, and mound formations of the ancients. Prior to city-wide distribution, ten kiosks will be “hidden” throughout Cherokee Street for conference-goers to enjoy now and explore later.

STyLe House, an In house concert by Redheaded Strangers. Red-Headed Strangers + 1500 visitors from out of town + STyLehouse = An unforgettable night on Cherokee Street. Foodstuff and adult beverages will be available at the show.

The Zeigenhein, Intangible Rivers: A Subjective History by Jessi Cerutti-

A lifelong resident of St. Louis, Jessi Cerutti explores personal memory and local history through printmaking and fiber arts in this SIUE MFA Printmaking Thesis Exhibition. Cerutti pushes the limits of the traditional print, merging ink and fiber to create objects that illustrate an accumulation of history, memory, and change. The exhibition features print and sculptural artifacts alongside installation-based works. Enjoy drinks and the music of Wolf Peach Society DJ Collective during the reception.


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