A Photographic Guide to Crabbing

While staying in Washington State, Cam and I were honored to have our friend Dave Lux teach us how to go crabbing!

Step 1. Get your traps ready!

Step 2. Prepare your bait, preferably a stinky chicken that sat outside for three days, a fish head, or in our case fish bits we bought at the bait shop. Secure your bait in zip tied orange bags.
Step 3. Toss your trap out into the water. So fun! Ideal spots are near fish processing plants where crabs regularly get food or spots along the pier where there are not as many crabbers

Step 4. Entertain yourself while you wait for your crabs to enter the trap. This might include, taking walks along the pier, going in town to eat salt water taffy, using the bathroom, reading books, or talking with other crabbers about their catch. Do not just watch your trap, very boring!

Step 5. Bring your trap in and check for crabs. If you catch a crab make sure it is male and has reached the acceptable size to be removed from the water. The Dungeness crab had to be at least the size of a dollar bill. Keep your crabs in a cooler with water to eat later. Have fun watching them battle!


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