Where I'd Shoot a Music Video About Fallen Civilizations

     Cam studied Volubilis in college. In Morocco its called Walili.  Located outside of Meknes and near Moulay Idriss.  It is the best Roman ruins in northern Africa.   It was built around 32BC and lasted until 270 BC.
The landscape along the road to Volubilis

Pilars lineup with the horizon.

Walking around I imagined us in an 80's rock video. 

Can't you imagine us animated pixelation style right here?

Here we are contemplating the ruins of a world long gone.
Lisa demonstrates the purpose of the vomitarium.  A space for Romans to throw up so they can eat multiple meals.

Oh the Solitude!

Battle time!

Face Off!

Showing our strength.

Who can push the tower further?

Yes, I agree.  Lisa is the victor.
Collaborative column pushing.

Round 3 Gladiator Fight

A sign of peace.

Part 2.  Lisa took this shot of Cam and I after we hiked up through the streets of Moulay Idriss.  This town was built in 789 around its namesake, Moulay Idriss, whom brought Islam to Morocco.  This is a site of pilgrimage for Muslims in Morocco.  Our guide told us that non-Muslims did not stay in Moulay Idris until the last ten years.  It was a beautiful view.  The buildings with the green roofs are part of the Mosque Complex.

View of Moulay Idris from the Road.


Curtain Factory triumphs at Volubilis!
Thanks to Lisa Payne for a few pictures and being of course the excellent guieee! and Travis and Brooke Russell a.k.a The Curtain Factory, for the yellow t-shirt, that I promised long ago to wear in travel pictures!


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