Busy bee Fall

This Fall has been incredibly busy.
I started back at Marian Middle School, two days a week, teaching art and video classes.
My Video Art class made enrollment at Forest Park Community College and I meet with students there on Monday and Wednesday.  The remaining time I've been trying to continue to get in 20hrs of art studio each week so that I can continue to progress and meet my goal of finishing Elegy to Connie by the end of the year.  Subsequently my free times appears to fluctuate between periods of extreme socializing at events, wedding, and openings, and being a hermit so I can still be with Cam, my dog, and have a peaceful life. Unfortunately, my blog here has suffered greatly.  I've wanted to write several things and yet haven't been able to get enough time to write out a long thoughtful piece.  As result I think for the next few months I will experiment with writing shorter pieces.

My tops this fall have been:
1. The discussions and understanding from the Witnessing Whiteness Class I am in with a group of adults in Kirkwood, Missouri.  This discussion group aimed at unpacking white privilege has opened my eyes and mind to inequality in our society in a manner I never anticipated.

2.  Animation meetings with the women I've interviewed at my mom's house.  Every few weeks I gather together with the different women to animate parts of their story, its been fun to share animation and connect with them in a creating sense.

3.  Fall walks with my dog in Tower Grove Park, the weather is beautiful and the leaves are just changing colors.

4.  Editing old recordings.  While teaching video, I've been reviewing old footage I captured (many while traveling)and am turning them into videos.  I'll begin to share those here.

5. Martha Colburn film screening at Webster Film Series. She is one of my hero animators, it was wonderful to see a range of her shorts for a full hour.

6.  Bill Callahan at the the Old Rock House.  He's just such a great singer and songwriter.

7. Visiting with old friends. My close friend Emily Parsons was in town and we had a blast adventuring  and making postcards from old Romance novels.  Last night I had dinner with Lisa Payne and her husband Nourheddine who have just moved here from Morocco!

8. Biking adventures.  Night rides, testing new bike lanes, riding to school.

9. Studio time.  I've hired my brother as an assistant and we have spent countless hours in my studio at CAMP trying out new ideas and methods to animate.

10.  Despite all my hermit hours in the studio, I have managed to attend a range of events where I connected with friends from fundraisers for the Critical Mass at Jason Deem's Factory, to a bonfire at Wesley Fordyce's, to a shower for my dear friend Amy Thompson's wedding, I am happy to feel apart of this community even when I can't get to everything going on here.



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