Rehabber's Life

Photos of our current camping like situation at the new building.

We've tried to plan meals using our Local Harvest Food Share.


It gets a little complicated.  Initially we had a mini fridge.  We couldn't hold too much food.  Then we got a cheap $100 used fridge.  Unfortunately it has stopped working.  We prepare most of our food on a work bench.

Making Tortilla Espanol on a single burner.

Stir Fry

The first room we finished with the bathroom.  We did all the tiling ourselves, and I am super proud of how we used this Mexican tile we found at Gringo Jones.

Finishing the bathroom first was necessary because it was also where we initially had to wash our dishes.

Now we are working on the living room and kitchen. 
Recently we put down the hard wood floor and painted the rooms. 

Hardwood Floor
Painted Rooms
Most of our possessions are still in boxes.  This makes me feel a little crazy.  Not having a desk work space is also making me a little nutty.  So we set up this makeshift desk on the first floor.  

 Some days it is exhilarating to work on the building.  Some days I feel like it is taking forever.  But I'm satisfied when we get to share it with people and reflect on the year+ process.


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