Cherokee Street Open House and Wall Ball

I've been meaning to post Lyndsey's Dragon head; here goes-

Well it has been a super poderosa energizing weekend! It's amazing how inspiring it is to have a lovely spring day. Friday night Cam and I spent in the studio as I prepared my painting for SCOSAG's fundraiser Wall Ball and Cam began wood working in preparation for his circus wagon for the parade.

Saturday morning I met up with Emily H at Hartford. While we waited for Eric to show we had an inspiring conversation with Jeff Miller. I had not heard much of his story, how he lived in NY for years after his grad degree in installation and then moved here after a series of misfortunes for his family and his own desire to get out of the stuff before Y2K hit. Now he seems to be after a sort of personal enlightenment which at times involved his art practice but also seems to be much more, performance, biking, eating right, forming healthy relationships etc.

When Eric R arrived we had been deep into the heart of discussing the purposes of art, its potential for healing, beyond just saying that and it sounding cheesy, which I guess was my concern as I as hesitant to ask for an art that is just about healing but prefer when that comes about as a result of multiple processes and motivations.

Needless to say the three of us got right into it

Here is our plan for Chautauqua Events:

Sunday** Group Creativity and Flow, Short Presentation followed by improv. performances by Ghost I have Been and friends.

Monday** How I Started my space; a panel/discussion of local go getters that have begun their own program, art space, store, or virtual entrepreneurial practice.

Tuesday** Art and technology; presentations, panels, discussion, demos on ways to expand personal and collective practices that investigate notions of space, history, and public goods. (topics to be covered my include tagging, blogging, virtual studio practices, youtube as art space)

Wednesday** Beyond Cliche-artists viewpoints on community art practices; a dialogue and panel on questions of the boundaries? of community art practice... Artists will share work and experiences working with particular projects as well as possibly provide some intentions or visions for the St. Louis community.

Thursday**Benefit for CAMP- Screening of Video shorts/time based art that explore the use of collage, found/appropriated footage, or archives; including films by Tom Bussmann and Emi Hemeyer. Screening to be followed by a musical performance T.B.D.

After the meeting I headed down to Fort Gondo for Galen's cleanse garage sale. I lucked out with chairs for Marian Middle and many items that could be used for costumes. The Bradford pears were in full bloom and people were walking up and down the street. I was able to connect with Celia and Mike about their costumes and about Mike possibly showing a short video he is working on. Passed an invitation on to Jordan from Open Lot. Also got to speak one on one with Dana from City Art Supply who is having a terrific art show that nite. Josh Crow.

Walking down the street trying to locate Sleepy Kitty kids, I stopped at and got to see the incredible Cinco de Mayo Art Work. Then I ran into Marc Pagano who is about to head to NY for his tour. We headed into Amy van Donsel's studio and enjoyed her warm reception and fabulous studio.
Unable to still locate Sleep Kitty, Mark and I headed up to Peat W's studio, Stensoul. His family was up there and I got to catch up with Chris his wife, who I worked with as a kid at the Y. She is a crafter and we shared our common joy of fashion plates. Peat is definitely in the parade with his truck and family. He may be a part of the community art chautauqua but that depend on a big mural project he is negotiating.
On our walk back to Lyndsey and Holly's Flow Show at City Art, we ran into Sleepy Kitty at Tower taco, I got some fliers from them. Down at city art I caught up with Agnieschka (hope I'm not butchering her name) and David from Cranky Yellow. Lyndsey showed up just as I had to leave to get ready for SCOSAG. Here's a pic of her and Holly.
Briefly spoke with Sarah Colby before heading to the studio.
Wall Ball was a blast, I am always super nervous- what if I don't get any bids after putting in so much time, how do I stay in the zone. In the end I got to catch up with a lot of old friends I had not seen for awhile as well as I was able to meet some new people that were into my work or the parade.

Here is the painting I created.

Today Lyndsey and I walked around Cherokee St and began to talk with businesses and people on the street about the events. I dressed up as super Guadalupe and she was the foot parade band leader. Then we met with Jason and Will who are chairing the event. Sounds like things are lining up and we tried to problem solve for the day of, I am happy to have their insight and support. Tomorrow I send off 20 hand drawn invites.


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