Rainbow Ladies and snowfakes!

Great news of the day. I am ecstatic to announce that Ann-Maree Walker will have a costume in the Cherokee Street Parade! She is a genius costume maker conceptually and skill wise...Her work is beautiful. Check out a view of Opheliascope above. Ann Maree's invite character was called the "Rainbow maker", I am laughing that she has represented this character well on this rain drenched evening.

I am excited to show Snowfakes as part of the Chautauqua art Lab. Here is description of the film we will show as well as a bio of filmmaker Emily Foster.

Snowfakes' (2007) is filmmaker Emily Alden Foster's first foray into stop-motion animation, made with a consumer-grade digital camera and a borrowed iBook, over the course of a winter spent in rural Missouri. The film, comprised of 2000 individually captured stills compiled over four months, serves as an exercise in 'emotional texture.' Images and objects representing Foster's fond memories of her winter home -- rocks, sticks, snow, fabric, unspooled VHS tape, candles, old maps and photographs -- are interpolated with carefully choreographed paper cutouts, progressive drawings, and Spirographs. A speechless soundtrack by tape-folker Flowers completes a work seeking to exist outside of idioms, instead appealing directly to the viewer's sense of comfort and warmth. Snowfakes has previously been screened in Chicago, San Francisco, Columbia, MO and Naples, Italy. This is its St. Louis premiere.

Emily Alden Foster, originally from Memphis, TN, currently lives and works in Oakland, CA. Her current film project revolves around her desire to dress herself as a golden retriever. It also involves puppetry, animation, and a green screen. As an artist and filmmaker she is almost entirely self-taught and usually works with found or borrowed supplies and equipment. Her influences include images, sounds, movements, and good feels.


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