Art in a Weekend and Girl Groups

Art in a weekend.
Two weeks ago Cam and I had the pleasure of hosting two of our UK students in St. Louis. I learned that it was possible to check out an immense number of St. Louis shows in two days. Which means people if you aren't going out to shows and you are missing them its probably your fault.

Fri night-Brandon Anschulz at Laumeier a truly painting alchemical experience.
Saturday- CAMSTL to share Great Rivers with them.
White Flage to see Trova Show.
ML Kemper to see the Thesis Show.
William Gass' to see Jason Wallace Triefenbach documentation of performance.
PSTL for his work as well.
RAC for Fluxus Show coordinated by Keith Bucholdz.
Sheldon art galleries.
Finally ending with the City Museum at midnight.

Last weekend we checked out Tom Dykas at Craft Alliance and Nick Lang at Mad Art.
This past Saturday went to a fanstastic Shangri-La's cover band. Annah of Bangerrang and Larva were two of the four female singers that covered old girl group classics at the Old Bat Cave aka. Gary Passanise studio. Most exciting was that they were backed by a band that included saxophone, piano, guitar, drums, xylophone, bass, and I think violin. If you did not know this about me I am a huge fan of girl group sounds. What a fun performance that I wish I could join!


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