Summer Vacation

Following the parade and the end of my middle school year- I took a two week vacation. Here are some of the highlights.

-Riding bikes and swimming at Folly Beach S.C.
-Gullah Bus Tour in Charleston, S.C.
-Nick Cave/ Phyllis Galumbo opening as part of Spoletto Festival South Carolina.
-Playing arcade games with my brother.
-Painting with my family hanging out around me.
-List Show and Folk Art at National Portrait Gallery with Friend Amy.
-Ethiopian Food in D.C.
-Cooking a vegetarian BBQ for Memorial Day.
-Visionary Artist Museum in Maryland.
-Mamma Anderson and Jockum Nordstrum exhibit at David Zwirner Gallery
-P.S.1 the space, the greater New York show, well parts of it, all was not great.
-Brent Green Exhibit NYC.
-Watching kids square dance in a park in Greenpoint.
-Spoonbill Bookstore Brooklyn.
-Korean BBQ with Friend Tina.
-BCBG Outlet store where I found fantastic dress and jeans (so what i love clothes and am always broke).
-Walking all around the city for 6 hours.
-People watching at Central Park and especially people watching at Strawberry Fields where a new guitarist strolled up every 1/2 hour to play a Beatles song. Cheesy but I kind of hope this goes on forever.
-Returning home broke but with a sense that I was happy where I was and that I could change anything in my life if I decided to do so.


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