Getting over being Sick.

For the past two weeks I was sick.  This sickness had a little bit of everything.  Low grade fever, achy joints, hacking cough, sinus headache, runny nose, upset stomach.  I kept working through the illness as it never got terrible and subsequently it took forever to get well.  These were my top recovery strategies in no particular order.

1.  Netty pot.  Mark Pagano suggested I try this to get rid of my painful sinus headache and it worked like magic!  The sensation was like accidentally sucking a bunch of water up my nose while swimming but the end result was a clearer head and drained sinuses.  I'm a convert.
2.  The snow storm.  I was forced to stay inside and rest when my work was canceled last week due to the snow.
3.  Fresh juice.  In the morning I made what I called my power juice which consisted of a few leaves kale, a broccoli stem, a few leaves romaine, 1/3 cucumber, ginger, carrots, lemon, and an apple.  I juiced all of this together and drank it throughout the day.
4.  Tea.  First I boil a bunch of sliced ginger.  Then I drink the water in a tea.  I like to mix it with an actual tea like Gypsy cold care, Rasberry Zinger, Throat Coat, or Bengal Spice.
5.  My soup exchange with Lyndsey Scott.  This fall Lyndsey and I started to make extra soup, whenever we cooked soup, and then we would surprise each other with containers of the soup.  This was helpful on those days I was sick enough that I didn't want to cook.  Also it was exciting to try new recipes!
6.  Netflix and HBOgo.  Watching movies was the best way to distract myself from my physical pain.
7.  Bug juice.  When I was sick when I was little my mom served me 7up with orange juice.  This was my psychological sickness go to.
8. Finally I went light on wheat and dairy which I heard were mucus producers. This was hard because I love cheese!

I am feeling much better now, save the evening cough.
What are your sickness cures or mental mojo boosts?


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