The Introverted Parade Coordinator

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This image is by Martin Bottger.

Introversion: Planning a parade is hard. I have to confront head on my own fear of talking. When I present the parade to people I want to seem authentic. Maybe its because I am afraid of how this project is to some extent out of my control- I have to believe that people will show up and make stuff. The thing that is hard to explain to people is how moving being in a parade can be, the sense of connection to the other people walking, the shared joy, but it sounds cheesy I think to mention that. Nonetheless, I will do my best. The role I play is getting the word out and spreading enthusiasm.

A few parade updates

-Celestial Performance Theater will walk

-Peat Wollager is cooking something up!

-Galen is trying to locate trucks for bands and break dancers.

-Elizabeth Ferry will make fantastic foam costume. See her installation on left in photo below.

-in the works Costume making and preparading Collaboration with Cambios Spanish tutoring program for Latino Kids in St. Louis.

-Sleepy Kitty and Galen have same idea of making a card to pass out to interesting people they meet that might consider walking in parade.



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