Studio and Bucky Fuller

Today I worked in the studio for several hours. It has been raining most of the day. One of my favorite parts of our studio is the roof. During one of the moments without rain I took a few photos of the river. Then I went to White Flag and watched an interview with Bucky Fuller, although it was hard to understand, I found that if I closed my eyes, I had the experience of a lucid dream guided by Bucky.

Things Bucky said: Every child has a genius inside.
Bucky only took classes that interested him in college, he thought one of the most important things was the desire to learn. He first made polyhedra because he had poor vision and had to make a structure out of dried peas and toothpicks. The triangles were the only things he could form with his hands.
He never tried to make money or sell things it just happened that people liked his ideas.

Not much has happened with the parade today although I did receive a thank you email from a performer. I saw a lot of people that I wanted to talk to about the parade tonight but I was tired and hungry after the screening. Oh I'm wrong, Rebecca Rivas of Love-o-rama said that she will be in the parade and she may learn baile folklorico!


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